It’s Frigg's Day, June 02, 1623 - Gregorian since 1582

Approximately 10 weeks until WwW XXIII

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your Weekend!

Friday, August 11th through Sunday, August 13th 2023

Veni Vidi Veekend

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“Get thee to a nunnery.” - W.S.

Weekend with William:  It's forty eight hours of zaniness - two nights at the hotel, one play, and the WwWm package - all for the low low price of not that much.  Listen to what some previous Weekenders have said:

“... better than Cats!” 

“Best toxic waste swimming ever!”

“It’s not just the humidity.  It’s the heat, heat prostration and heat stroke!”

“... best corn-fed Shakespeare on the planet!”

“I’ll send an e-mail when I think of something!”

“Fun, fun, fun, now where’s my pants?”

(“Special thanks to WwWWebmaster John Kieken for donating his time, space and talent here!” – J.H.)

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